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Extenze for Sexual Performance Anxiety

But how small is small when it comes to penis size? Prior to his operation, Jim says, his penis was 2 inches long flaccid, and a little under 4 inches when fully erect. The U.S. average for men, says Dr. Barron, is 3 to 5 inches flaccid and 5 to 8 inches erect.

Most of the patients that he operates on fall within those normal standards. But it's not actual size that's relevant, Dr. Barron insists. "It doesn't matter whether the man is small, average or even well above average, and we do get some of those. Most of them simply feel inadequate. Many of them have been mocked by women at some time or another, and they've been psychologically scarred, even those who have tried natural male enhancement products such as Extenze. But with these procedures, we can make them feel better about themselves."

And that, it seems, is the key. Not to be adequate. To feel adequate about sexual performance. According to these Extenze reviews, Extenze can help some men but not others overcome sexual dysfunction.

Jim's wife, Debbie, comments: "After Jim told me what he planned to do, I told him that there was absolutely no reason for him to go through with it. I was perfectly happy with our sex life."

But that wasn't enough for Jim. "Of course it helped that Debbie said that she didn't care and was happy. But it didn't change the way I felt about myself. It wasn't an issue for us, but it was for me."

The operations Jim Hamilton eventually underwent are relatively straightforward procedures. Extension or penis enlargement each take about 30 minutes, the two together no more than 45 minutes. Patients are free to go home three to four hours after awakening from the anesthetic.

Extension, Dr. Barton explains, doesn't actually add anything new to the penis but rather rearranges its layout. "Around 40 to 60 percent of the penis is visible; the remainder is there, but concealed above the scrotum. If we release the attachments and ligaments that are holding it there, we can push it out, usually by about 1 to 1 1/2 inches. A strict regimen of VigRx Plus is then recommended. This is a natural herbal remedy for erection strength."

The downside (there was bound to be a downside) of the lengthening process is that the new, longer version may not angle upward when erect as much as before. Also, tugging the penis forward can result in a shifting of the pubic hair onto the base. Widening the penis requires the removal of 4 ounces of fat from the abdomen that is then injected into the shaft of the penis to make it thicker. The first problem is aesthetic: "The skin of the penis is very elastic, so you could stretch it to the size of a large cucumber if you wanted. However, it would look rather ludicrous, because you can't change the size of the head," says Dr. Barron.